Sonic's Comic Edit

Sonic's Comic
Sonic's Comic
is about Sonic and friends adventures. In the comic it supports SonAlly, SonAze, ShadAmy, SilvAze, TailReam and KnuxIkal. It does not support SonAmy, and SilvAmy.

Sonic Mobius Edit

Screen shot 2013-03-24 at 11.39.43
  • Sonic Mobius supports SonAlly and SonAze
  • Sonic Mobius is the number 1 Amy haters comic!
  • There are some cameos like Mario, Rayman and Archie
  • Sonic Mobius rules!
  • Sonic Mobius shows Sallys new look!
  • Ren is Sonic's rival in Sonic Mobius
  • Sally and Amy are friends!
  • Sonic Mobius shows flashbacks from the Sonic games.
  • Sonic Mobius still rules. 
  • Sonic Mobius was planned when Rose (The creator) was a kid


Comics By:Edit

Rose Wolf, TalkingSonicfan215 on Sonic News Network and SonicSuperHedgehog on Princess Sally wiki


Quotation1 I'll be back! Quotation2
Fiona from issue 1
Quotation1 Your Next Hedgehog Quotation2
Tails Doll from issue 3

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