Bruce is a 29 yr old bronze hedgehog who is one of Threetails' friends. Unlike Dexter, he is actually good friends with Threetails, but does the occasional prank here and there. He also teams up with Dexter, Threetails and PIXEL to form Team Metal. On the Silent Planet, his name means "Psychotic Mind".

Bruce the Hedgehog










Hand-to-hand combat, speed, silent energy.


Sarah, Threetails, Dexter, his friends, craziness, music, being random, proving he's the best


Eggman, people trying to hurt Sarah, Dexter punching him in the face, being alone


Psychotic Mind, Clumsy(by Dr. Eggman, Taldeva and Rex), Brilliant Bruce(by Sarah), Wimp(by Threetails and Garry)


He doesn't have many abilities to speak of (in terms of strength) though he is fairly fast, he does like to use his favourite weapon which is his beloved chainsaw, but he does help with the occasional prank here and there. He also has a super form that turns him silver. He also has minor super speed.(like tails) Bruce is also able use Silent Energy (like Threetails, Dexter and Ed).

Relationships with Other Characters


Nicko the Hedgehog (brother)


Dexter the Fox (best friend and fellow prankster)

Threetails the Fox (Best friend, call each other "mates")

PIXEL (Best friend)

Fry the Hedgehog (close friend and fellow prankster)

E-123 Omega

Metal Sonic


Dr. Eggman

Taldeva the Fox

Rassilon the Hedgehog

Love Interest

Sarah the Hedgehog (girlfriend)


He's not much when it comes to personality. It varies, he might be overexcited, then he might be happy. He is usually good friends with Threetails, and helps Dexter sometimes, and when they are Team Metal, he helps the team alot. He sometimes picks what side he wants to be on. Bruce can be very serious at times, but he still knows how to have fun.


Will you hurry up Dexter-when Dexter is being really slow

Sarah....uh....I love you-confessing his love to Sarah

If you want to get to her, you have to get pass me first-when someone tries to hurt Sarah

If your going to kill someone...kill me...not her-when Eggman was going to kill Sarah

Threetails, Dexter, guys are my best friends..and nothing is gonna change that!!!-when Team Metal was about to fight Taldeva.

Theme Songs

Can I Play With Madness by Iron Maiden.

Describes his personality(his craziness) and also his main theme. (adding music soon)


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