• Benjamin dixons2000

    ny name is benjamin tc dixons im 19 years old  and i live in stannerton country 

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  • Seketwut

    Is there anybody here?

    August 17, 2013 by Seketwut

    This wiki seems quiet.

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  • Rose Wolf

    ShadAmy vs TailAmy

    May 9, 2013 by Rose Wolf

    These are my two favourite couples, which are your favourites? Vote now! :D

    Who should win? ShadAmy TailAmy

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  • Rose Wolf

    Thank You

    April 7, 2013 by Rose Wolf

    I checked the wikis main page andI saw 'The Featured User Poll' I then saw my name and the votes.

    If you did vote for me eat some cookies while I say:

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  • Rose Wolf

    In the Archie Sonic issue 247 Silver says that Sally is..... A TRAITOR!?!?! Whhhhhhhhy Archie?

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  • GalaxyWanderer

    Oh hai der

    April 5, 2013 by GalaxyWanderer

    Hello. I am User:PitsBrother143 I have returned for spring break.

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  • Rose Wolf

    Hi guys! I have an new YouTube account!

    Click here

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  • Willaca

    Everyone, iam back

    February 1, 2013 by Willaca

    Yes iam back, after a certain events that happened to led me into removing my internet for a really long time which is to long to explain. For the mean time Spam the comment section with wb's.

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  • Rose Wolf

    Why not go on my new wiki?

    December 30, 2012 by Rose Wolf

    I've made a new wiki :D

    Here is the link:

    Sonic Mobius Wiki

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  • Sly the Fox


    November 20, 2012 by Sly the Fox

    Hey guys ^^ (I haven't been on here a while since dA is sort of better than Wikia... Never mind.)

    Anyway, I am making a new team. I think I'm going to name it "Team Bomber" (subject to change). Sly, whom is my main character, will be the Power Type of the team.

    • Sandra the Porcupine (Speed Type)
    • Kay the Fox (Fly Type; I don't think too many of you know her ^^;)

    Well, that's all. Bye~

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  • Darth LeatherTouche

    Joint Comic

    October 23, 2012 by Darth LeatherTouche

    I thought we could have a comic with all of us in it in our own universe called Heroes United or ACSFW Adventure and we could take turns in making issues and planning the sagas. Please tell me if you agree or not, if not please don't start being mean.

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  • PitsBrother143

    Sorry! ^^""

    October 22, 2012 by PitsBrother143

    Sorry I haven't been on, I've been kinda busy. BUT IM BACK! IM BACK IN BLACK -jontron shot- So yeah.

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  • Rose Wolf

    I am making Sonic's Comic issue 12 but I was going to add some fan characters in! I've asked DaisySonicFan2000 

    and Willaca if I could use their fan characters but the issue needs more fan characters in. If I can use one of your characters write on my talk or comment! Thank you! Bye!

    Sonally Fan Forever 11:30, October 13, 2012 (UTC)

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  • SplashTheHedgehog

    it was 3 years from now (meh not exactly) that i have created Hattswell the best Character made in the universe. WOO HOO cant believe he lasted that long im so awesome :3 anyway i will be posting Hattswell pictures every once and a while because of that so ya.

    For those who don't know. Hattswell is one of my characters that's not sonic related. You can see most of his appearances on Hatena (where i make my animations).

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  • Willaca

    Why? Because I'm not really a fan of Sonic anymore, it's actually getting quit boring now. Nothing new or new characters. It's usually it's all the same stuff in Sonic and it's really boring now. I haven't touch any Sonic game of mine for months. And how will this affect my time on the PC? Well, why playsomething you're not into anymore ya'know? That's like saying I should learn Science for the rest of my life. XP And well, since I'm not into Sonic as much as I have been in the past I'm not that much into this Wiki either no offense or anything but that's what happends when you're not into stuff as much as you have been and joined a site/Wiki about it. You start to get bored with that site and have nothing to do. No offense or anything guy…

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  • Sly the Fox


    September 4, 2012 by Sly the Fox

    Hello. Recently I've been on dA, and guess who's on there................. Sonicpower. So pretty much, she probably got bored of here and left us. Juuuuuust sayin'. But I'm probably gonna leave here because the lack of activity while I'm around. I haven't decided yet, I'm still thinking.

    I can't leave this wiki. I seem loved appreciated here. It'll be as dull as a desert if I go ;_; So I'll stay! :)


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  • SplashTheHedgehog

    Chat themes

    August 26, 2012 by SplashTheHedgehog

    I was thinking to set up a day/night chat and a clear button.

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  • Willaca

    Why? Cause I lost my USB at school (AKA pen drive/flash drive) and that had all my Fandom and creations in it. And I used that USB to save all my Fandom and creations (cause theres tons of memory in my computer). So I'm afraid I won't continue ANY of my comics. Sorry but that's how it is. :( But once I get a new one (which I'll try my best to) I'll save all my Fandom stuff into (all the stuff is here anways XP) and continue my comics :D. But for the meantime, no pictures or comics.

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  • Sly the Fox

    Well, the ACSFW Olympics is over. I hope you enjoyed the ACSFW Olympics. Join us the next two years for the Winter Olympics and the next four years for the second Summer Olympics! I hope more peeps will join. So... bye! :D ♥Dashie is best pony♥ /)^3^(\ 03:06, August 13, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Sly the Fox

    'Ello, everyone! :3 Today's the final day before the closing ceremony, so cast dem votes! The events today: SHOT PUT AND KAYAKING!

    Okay, so today we'll try not to have anything random (sorry Pit). So now it'll be Blaze vs Sonikku! Speed vs Flames, people. Can Sonikku throw the thingy far? Can Blaze throw the thingy so far that it'll burst into flames? America and other countries, that is your choice *wears Uncle Sam hat*

    Well, that's iz all. Come tomorrow for the closing ceremony! :D

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  • Sly the Fox

    I'm back. After being in the wilderness, I feel revived. Plus, I may not be on as much due to me possibly getting a dA. That's all, y'all. DISSMISSED! ♥Dashie is best pony♥ /)^3^(\ 16:45, August 10, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Rose Wolf

    Find out which Sonic girl you are!

    Who is your fanon boyfriend?

    A:Sonic the Hedgehog



    D: Tails

    How many boyfrineds does your fan character have?

    A: 4




    Who is yor BFF?

    A: I have loads! But I can't tell all of them.

    B: Cream

    C: Sonic

    D: Tails and Blaze

    What do you like to eat?

    A:Ice Cream


    C:Chilli Dogs

    D: Chips!

    Mostly A: You are Sally!

    Mostly B: You are Blaze!

    Mostly C: You are Amy!

    Mostly D: You are Mina!

    Thats All please leave a comment!

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  • Sly the Fox

    See ya

    August 4, 2012 by Sly the Fox

    Hey. Since there will be no Internet at a place I'm going, I'm going to be inactive for at least 1 week. I wont be able to do the ACSFW Olympics, so someone has to be in charge instead. And please don't meassage me because I probably wont see it. Peace.

    Hola. Dado quenta que no habrá Internet en un lugar que voy, yo voy a estar inactivo durante al menos 1 semana. No voy a ser capaz de hacer los Juegos Olímpicos de ACSFW, por lo que alguien tiene que estar a cargo en mi lugar. Y por favor no me mensajes porque probablemente no lo veo. Adios.

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  • Sly the Fox

    Sorry for the delay, but it's the 4th day! Tody's events: FIELD HOCKEY AND CANOEING (no pics again today)

    Today's competetors: SLY AND HER SHOES VS SONIC AND HIS NOSE! Not much to say about these teams, but let's see who will kick ARSE!

    Well, that's all. See ya!

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  • Sly the Fox

    Good morning/afternoon/evening, today's the 3rd day! Today's events: FENCING AND TENNIS! (please note that there will be no pics today)

    In the first round of fencing, it's WILL VS ALTAR! How could this happen? Allies going against eachother? Is the pen mightier than the sword?

    Well, that's all. Peace out! :)

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  • Sly the Fox

    Hello everyone! It's Day 2 for the ACSFW Olympics! Today's event: DIVING AND EQUESTRIAN!

    Now is Blaze and Speedy! Blaze is a pyrokinetic princess that can burn anything (good thing that her flame powers will not wear out in the water!) Blaze is an all-around player, and is good at flips in the air. Speedy is an agile Hedgehog who's better at the dive than the flips.

    Well, that's all for today. Bye! :)

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  • Sly the Fox

    Hello everyone! Today is the first day in the ACSFW Olympics! Today's sport: ARCHERY!

    In this archery event, it will be Will vs. Sly! Will is a skilled assasin, and could have enough stamina to hold the bow & arrow and get a bull's-eye. Sly, on the other hand, has some skill and could shoot the arrow fast within the time limit.

    Well, that's all for today, see you tomorrow! :)

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  • Sly the Fox

    Opening ceremony

    July 27, 2012 by Sly the Fox

    Sup everyone (I doubt anyone will read this -.-)! Today's the ACSFW Olympics and it is also IRL! :) Watch the video here (sorry I couldn't find it on YouTube).

    • Sly the Fox (speed type)
    • Koko the Werecat (power type)
    • Will Rose (Speed type)
    • Altar the Raccoon (power type)
    • Mech Prower (skill type)
    • Blaze the Cat (all-around)
    • Sonic the Hedgehog (speed)
    • Amy Rose (all-around)
    • Speedy the Hedgehog (speed)
    • Axel the Fox (speed)

    • Sol Amy Rose
    • Cream the Rabbit


    So that's all. Please tell me today if you want you character to be in it! :)

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  • PitsBrother143

    'M back!

    July 27, 2012 by PitsBrother143

    Title says it all.



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  • PitsBrother143

    Yes, I am going to be inactive again. Reasons? I have to focus on my studies, clear things up with my sister, chores, ETC. So, I'll see you soon. Peace.

    • [ Rhythm Thief]
      • [ Want me to steal sumin?]
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  • Willaca

    Hey guys! I decided to do my Oympic Comics! it involves a person called Meme-Head-Guy Interviewing our competitors. I hope you enjpy! Also if you see a black square around a word (One that isn't see through) then that means I made a mistake or changed a word. If you want your FC to be interviewd give a request below!

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  • Ami670

    I'm doing requests

    July 9, 2012 by Ami670

    Like the titles says, im doing requests. Just ask and I'll get the pic to you ASAP

    Aly :)

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  • Willaca

    As the title says this is a quiz about which one of my Fandom characters you are. Now let's get down to buissness.

    Q1: What's your primary weapon?


    B: My fist

    C: Whatever is suitable

    D: My guns

    E: A crowbar

    Q2: What's your catch phrase?

    A: "Want some nachos?"

    B: I don't have one....

    C: Catch phrases are stupid. What a dumb question

    D: Andriods don't need catch phrases

    E: "Why was I born?"

    Q3: Do you have relatives?

    A: Yeah an annoying li'l sister

    B: Yeah a cool li'l bro

    C: No

    D: Andriods don't have relatives. DO I LOOK LIKE E-102 GAMMA TO YOU?!?!?!

    E: Yeah they all hate me

    Q4: You've found a pile of rings what do you do?

    A: These are rings I thought they were donuts!

    B: Buy science-y stuff

    C: Give them to the people that need it the most


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  • Speedy7850

    Talkbubble Request

    April 30, 2012 by Speedy7850

    Get Talkbubbles here! Just request below and I'll make one!

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  • Willaca

    I got bored last night

    April 26, 2012 by Willaca

    Like the title says, I got bored last night and made this.

    • =====Jet's & storm's=====
    • =====Omega's=====
    • =====The chaotix sprites=====

    • =====Will's=====
    • =====Mech's=====
    • =====Altar"s=====
    • =====Wave's=====

    So what do you guys think?

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  • FlopiSega

    Hi Archie Sonic Wiki I wanted to show my wallpaper I can do one of your fan character, I hope you like ^^

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  • Sonicpower

    I had the idea of making a Sonic quiz. Here you are!

    Q.1. There's new speed shoes in the shops. What do you do?

    • A. Buy em with my millions of rings!
    • B. I'll buy them and use them to find my love!
    • C. I've got enough shoes, besides, I could build my own bionic shoes to catch up with by best bud!
    • D. I've got the dang skates! LOOK!
    • E. Shoes aren't important right now. There's Chao to save!

    Q.2. There's a fire on Mobius! What do you do?

    • A. Use my speed to rush everyone outta the fire!
    • B. Become distressed and wait for your love to save you.
    • C. Get a huge plane big enough to carry everyone!
    • D. Hmph.
    • E. Oh no! The past is back to haunt me!

    Q.3. Eggman says he's good again. What do you say?

    • A. 'Yea, right.'
    • B. 'Are you sure? Cos my love will stop you if you're n…

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