Bazooka The Hedgehog

Belle "Bazooka" Hedgehog, Daughter of Charles

Bazooka the Hedghog (Belle or isabella) is a Cousin of Sonic, Daughter of Sir Charles and a human mother who passed years ago and member of the Acorn Army & G.U.N.


When she 11, She was taught by her mother Jane Tower (Abraham's younger sister) how to use weapons, Commando style. but it happed before Jane's passing at Bazooka's age of 16. She's good friends with Hamlin the pig when she was 19 until finding out Hamlin's blood & DNA was halfly of a Zeti who happens to be Zamlin, Hamlin's Father, who never wanted him to trust any mobian Hero because his dad's being a Jack@*#$ about them. This could be the reason why Sally's prosecution (though he IS correct about the treason in the future, but Sally wasn't in control) She even hated Hamlin for the prosecution so much she had nothing to say but to right a note to Hamlin:

Hamlin Porkchop,
I am fed up with your behavior at the Council against Sally Acorn so I ran away to the United Nation where there is real Peace, hope & freedom because without Sally the knothole kingdom has none. You have an ultimatium,  are you an Acorn councilman Pig? or are you a Zeti like the Deadly Six?

not getting old,

Bazooka The Hedgehog

You find me and you're Sausage.




  • Bazooka
  • Sasha

Voice ResemblanceEdit

Victoria Justice

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