Willaca's fan work of Ashura

Ashura is a palette glitch in Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

Team X ComicsEdit

Ashura was one of Sonic's rivals. After getting beaten up one time too many, he destroyed the Freedom Fighter's HQ. After realizing that he was now evil, he apologized for his actions, fixed the HQ, and joined Speedy's team, Team X.


Ashura's look in the Team X Comics.

Sonic Nega and The green hedgehogEdit

One day, Sonic Nega was walking, then Sonic told Ashura to attack SN. Ash was defeated, and robotized by SN.
Underking Sonic Nega

The king of undertakers, Sonic Nega!!

Sonic Nega's Extreme Gear

Ash robotized.



Fan artwork by Splash

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