This page is where you can find the rules, which you must follow or else you will face the consequences.

Main RulesEdit

  1. No dirty language or profanity (i.e. whoop ass, go to hell, etc.; though crap and damn are allowed here)
  2. No sexual content (i.e. raping, two characters having sex, etc.)
  3. No vandalism
  4. No racism
  5. Admins, do not abuse your power or else you'll lose them until you are worthy again to have your rights back
  6. No edit boosting
  7. Do not share personal infomation to anyone (i.e. school, address, phone number, etc.)
  8. Enjoy your stay! :)
  9. Try to use the best grammar as you can. If you are not good with grammar please ask someone else who is good at it or ask an Administrator with a link to what you need help with.

Rules For TalkpagesEdit

For Talkpages and user talkpages these rules must be follows or else you will suffer the consequences

  1. No vandalism and spam
  2. No cursing (such things like "s***" or "f***")
  3. Opinions are aloud on talkpages as it can be used as a way of talking about the persons Fan Character
  4. Do not share personal information to anyone (i.e. school, address, phone number, etc.)
  5. No racism
  6. No inapropiate content or sexual content

Rules For ChatEdit

  1. While on chat, assume good faith and don't hurt people's feelings
  2. Do not spam anything. Such as links or repeated words being repeated over and over again.
  3. Do not paste links to URL's with innapropiate content (such as sites with curse words in it or clips with cursing or innapropiate content). If you do, you will be kicked from chat. Although you can do it within Private Messaging.
  • Although if you post URL's to sites with pornography even within Private Messaging you will blocked.
  1. Do not spam chat images (such as typing the word within brackets (likeso) ).
  2. Do not curse. Only crap and damn are allowed here and on chat.

--The ACSFW Staff

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