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The Archie Comics Sonic Fanon Wiki is a wiki that has 180 pages and counting and is welcome to Sonic fans! Feel free to add your fancharacters, couple pages, and more here.


See more at Archie Comics Sonic Fanon Wiki:Rules

Rules are things you've got to follow here at this wiki, and safety is your (and our) priority. So follow these simple rules and you won't get blocked by an admin!


See more at Archie Comics Sonic Fanon Wiki:Administrators

Admins are one of the most important people on the wiki, due to them having more rights than rollbacks, chat mods, etc. Make sure that admins are not abusing their power. If you need any help, ask any of our active admins.

Well, that's all, folks. Enjoy your stay! :)

--The ACSFW Staff

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