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We are a community of fans of the Archie Sonic Comics, who wish to have Comics of their own involving their fan characters. Post up yours today, and get to know some of the users here!

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We're a growing community right now! Many users are coming to the wiki! Got some friends that could be interested? Join the wiki and invite your friends, too! Also, add your pages of your Archie Fanon so we can read them!

Featured Fan Character


About Featured: Axel the Fox is a 16 year old red and brown fox who currently lives at emerald coast with Dyerick the Rabbit and his siblings. Read more...

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Featured Fan Character Poll

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Featured Comic


Sonicpower Comics Issue 2 feautures an intense storyline of happiness, anger and sadness. It feautures the death of one, victory for another and treachery for yet, another. Read more...


Would you like to chat with your friends without the fuss of having to visit their talk pages and dropping off a message? Then just visit the chat: surely your friends will visit too! There should be at least one chat moderator, if not, DON'T BREAK THE RULES! Which are: No swearing, teasing, being mean to ANYBODY whatsoever or anything else that could harm somebody's feelings (go here for more information). Want to visit chat now? Click below!

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Featured User

Splash is a user that has been making lots and lots of edits in the past month, and at times has came here more often than his Wiki. So he gets to win Featured User, congrats =D

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