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Annabeth the Fox

Biographical Information
  • 14 (really over 50)
  • Dr. Gerald Robotnik (creator)
  • Shadow (brother)
Romantic Interests
  • None
  • Maria Robotnik
  • Shadow
  • Gerald Robotnik
  • Anti-hero
  • Second ultimate lifeform
  • Anna




  • Pink shirt
  • Yellow skirt
  • Jeans
  • grey boots
  • Long brown hair with grey side fringe
  • Red eyes
  • 2 tails
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • A.R.K
Main Weapon

Chaos control

Super Forms
  • None yet
  • Flight
  • Chaos control
Quotation1 She was nice, like a younger sister, too bad she was shut down a few days later. Quotation2
Shadow describing Annabeth.
Annabeth the Fox is Anna the AT sonic anime fan's main fan character.Her name stands for "Artificial Networked Neomobian Assembled for Battle Exploration and Thorough Harm". She was made after Shadow and was just his support but was then shut down.50 years later she was brought back by Doctor Eggman


Anna is hyperactive and fun, the complete oposite of shadow! She is very confident; sometimes forgetful and a little vain, but she is a good friend who is willing to help out those in need.She is 70% andriod,20% Shadows DNA and 10% Nanite.


50 years ago....Edit

50 years ago Anna was in the middle of being created as support for shadow to find the Chaos emeralds and battle the black arms and unlike Shadow, she wasn't created with Black dooms DNA.Instead with Nanites,Metal and Shadow's DNA but was only alive for a few days but was then shut down by G.U.N when they invaded the A.R.K .That had upsetted Shadow,Maria and Gerald.She was mentioned later by shadow, and he described her as "a younger sister"


Anna was reactivated and reprogramed 50 years later by doctor Eggman and was sent to New mobotropolis to infllitrate and steal the chaos emerald.

Theme songEdit

Wide Awake by Katy Perry

Katy Perry - Wide Awake (Lyric Video)03:47

Katy Perry - Wide Awake (Lyric Video)

Annas main theme song

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