Amy rose comic cover by toonking2-d3dp61h

About the Story:Edit

Sonic called Amy on the phone to tell her the truth on why he keeps resisting her as a girlfriend:

  1. He's maybe a womanizer like so but the only woman he cares about is Princess Sally acorn, his mom Bernie and chilidogs.
  2. He tried offering his french canadian twin brother Ashura, but everytime she hears Ashura's french words, she was disgusted
  3. Sonic hates the color pink.
  4. Amy's Mom is a Porcupine.

Those words are as deep as Rigby hatefully tells his brother he was born. so her Robian Father Detective Willy O' The Hedge  & Robian mom Dr. Daria Rose had a decision on helping Amy run away from the Sonic Universe and to the Mario Universe where she gets to live with her Mentor Pauline. But before that she tossed the ring of the Acorns out of her dad air Car and into the asylum where Nevel Papperman was transfered to and locked up, After he grabbed it he was wishing for N.E.G.A. Robot Mech so he can return to seattle and kidnap Carly Shay with it.

More will come Soon........................... (Just Kidding Were Working On Issue 0002 Already).

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