Alexis the Fox is the first and original character created by Pianoteen



Early Life and Childhood

Alexis was born in Mariala City on March 20th. When she came out she meet her mother and father. She didn't cry that much when born. Even when the baby needed air via and earth and not via mother. She was one tough cookie though, it was almost as is she were able to lift a boulder, like a Happiny. After two days of meeting Animoprh, Alexis meet her new home.

Afterwards, she meet her older sister, Sasha. The two liked to play children's games. One time the two were playing "Patty Cake" and Alexis actually hit Sasha at least 3 feet away from her. Accidents happen. That's when she learned her first word "Cake".
Young Alexis

Alexis at 2 years old

When Alexis turned four, she got her very own karaoke machine. She wanted to play with it and sing. Usually she sang "Ring around the rosie". But she did get a much better hold of her aggressiveness. So she got along much better than baby years with Sasha.

When in Kindergarten, Alexis loved to take music class. She wanted to sing the song of the day nice and loud. She sang confidently but talked like she was very shy. She was the nervous performer of the group. When Alexis graduated 1st grade, she thought second was though. She was a smart and a tough cookie in almost everything. She has became more casual and got rid of her nervousness. She had made many friends and wanted to stay in school. Also she learned to sing "It's raining luggage"

When Alexis became a 3rd grader, she wanted to do many things, then a new student came to the school. This is where Alexis meets Amy Rose. They became the best of friends and wanted to book many play dates. Of course she helped her do things.

When in 4th grade, Alexis decided to joi

n the School Chorus, she appeared to have the second most strongest voice in the entire school. That's when she meet the most strongest singer in the school, Gabriela the Cat. They were arch rivals and wanted to become even better to achieve schoolarships into other choruses.

5th grade wasn't a dream. Alexis and Gabriela have both been accepted into over 25 choruses. Alexis decided to join all state, and regional choruses. However, Gabriela has been accepted into 15 of them. However, Christina's older sister, Lina got a career in singing. The three of them were one step closer to making history.

Middle School

Alexis has been very popular in Middle School. 

In 6th Grade she wanted to have fun in Middle School. All her friends were jealous when she got a record dealing contract to make her first record. Afterwards, Lina and Gabriela got them too. The three sold their first hit song. However it wasn't played on the radio yet. That's when she meet David. David and Alexis are quite a cute couple to worship. Then, Alexis' best friend, Christina. They love to chat chat chat. After, she meet Michelle another bff.

Singing Career

Alexis as of now is a seventh grader. Her along with another writer wrote a first song. Then she played it on the karaoke machine. After she had enough on the karaoke machine she recorded it at Wish it Want it Do it studios. She had been invited for a live concert in Mobius along with Lina and Gabriela. 

As of now, Alexis has made three songs:

"I'm Alexis and I wanna have fun!"

"Sell it somewhere else sister!"

and "Trouble"


Alexis is a very naive person. She also can be descirbed as interesting, romantic, popular, and very respectful. She also has the aditude and personallity as a typical teenage girl. Like alot of other girls she wants to be popular. Also she was very, very intelligent. She had a solution to almost every single problem a person had to deal with. She is also very modest.

She absolutely loves to sing. She can't take a break. This can raise her popularity in school being one of the more stronger singers. Also she loves to go hang out at the mall. Doing so may raise the chances of making even more friends and getting more popular.

Nothing can throw Alexis over the top than showing disrespect, pranks and idiots. Making so will result in highly servere punishment. 

She is also physically mature. She does most thing in the family and likes to do most things on her on.


Alexis can show that she panics the most when David and his friends are taken in a tunnel and the walls cave in. The most servere panic was when she threw her bag at someone banging "GET ME OUT OF HERE!".


Alexis fears pitch black nights or blackouts. This is super effective when she is singing at a concert and the power goes out. That can always be a problem to her friends.

Ncytophobic Alexis

This was shown many times. Doing so can also affect her sadness and many other noticable traits. Like most you can only see her eyes and nothing else.

Apperance and Looks

One of the most notable features of Alexis is her very wavy hair. She usually usues it to express her individuallity, beauty, and cuteness. This also describes her as a male magnet. She had two make ups and one break up as of so far. Another feature that shows off Alexis is her ears facing downward unlike most foxes them facing upward.
Alexis 4ever

When Alexis was a kit, she wore a comfy, baby blue long sleeve shirt with blue sweat pants. Also her bangs and hair were colored lighter and shorter. 

As of now, Alexis wears a Blue ruffled tank top with either a blue belt or her stomach showing. Also she has a matching skirt with Purple boots. Also she has brought a collar to cover her neck.


Sasha the Fox

Alexis and Sasha are sisters. When they were little, they did everything together. Although the only probllem was they have different dreams. Both liked comparing their dreams. Once in a while they did a little show and tell.
Alexis and Sasha

Alexis and Sasha

Now, Alexis barely ever sees Sasha making her feel left out of the family by just a tiny bit. However when they meet again, Alexis congratulated Sasha on becoming the queen of all the stylists. This raised up their relationship by a whole bunch.

Michelle the Cat

Michelle and Alexis are doppelgangers. A few years ago they almost looked as if they were supposed to be twin sisters! Before they were friends they were actually enemies. Both started to argue "Stop copying me!!" over and over again. After it she said, "Okay Michelle! What are we doing? You look like me and I look like you, but does that mean we can't be friends?" After Michelle hearing that she she slapped her head with both hands and they became friends.
Alexis and Michelle

Alexis and Michelle

Later on, they became best friends. They still looked very alike, especially in Michelle's Movie, "The Princess and the Porcupine". Then, later on Michelle changed her bangs. Which got rid of the ideas of them being identical, and Michelle asked Alexis to be her Best Friend. Happily, Alexis accepted her friend request.

Lina the Hedgehog

Lina is Alexis' best friend. Not as much as Christina and Alexis. Both of them are very famous popstars. The two can get very carried  away at most points. Fierce battles go on sometimes.

Lina and Alexis can find their own seperate ways faster than the speed of sound no doubt. They usually go with Christina and head to Mall World. Or maybe they go to the Nis Palace together. Either or they are still friends untill the end. Christina the Hedgehog

Alexis, Christie, Lina, Mom

Alexis, Christina, Lina and Carly

Christina is Alexis' best friend for over 6 years. Both like to hang out at all the malls they can even think of. It raises her popularity. They do the most things to help out each other and make a closer bonding of friendship. 

Although Christina, like Sasha, is a stylist as well and feels different about the crowning of her sister. She stated she doesn't know what she does in styling. Right now she's trying to become more popular by designing clothes that can be sold for at least a thousand dollars trying to become better friends with Alexis. As of now they can design and wear some of the most beautiful outfits.

Danny the Hedgehog

Danny and Alexis are boyfriend and girlfriend. They both have many things in common. Both have unusual ears, weird hair, and both were highly popular. The two first meet when Alexis was on a vacation in Beach Cove City. At first they became friends. They were happy they were friends too.
Danny Alexis

Danny and Alexis first meeting

Later on they became best friends and meet each other in Danny's hometown, Tamaruin City. At this time they also meet at Mall World. They were becoming closer and closer by the moment. Until one day, in Beach Cove City, at Sunset, Alexis asked Danny to go to the Beach and sit down. They watched the sun set, and Alexis asked if Danny wanted to be boyfriend and girlfriend. But this was going to be bad if yes or no. No because she'll have her heart broken. But yes, she'll think, What about David? Danny said yes and Alexis dumped David.

David the HedeFox

David and Alexis were ex boyfriend and ex girlfriend. They both have few things in common. Both are bold and strong, also both have claustrophobia. They have first meet at a all you can eat diner for dinner. David noticed Alexis getting a very mean text from someone random and she said face down. David went over to Alexis and asked her to be girlfriend and boyfriend. Alexis suddenly said she dosen't accept impromptu love requests. So she said once she meets him at least halfway, then she'd accept. 

As of now the two are broken up. But they still are very close friends. Alexis is going out with Danny, and David is going out with Candace.

Nikki the Hedgehog

Nikki and Alexis are best friends. They have over several things in common. Both are popstars, both are popular, they both are rich, both are famous, and both constantly go to Mall World. They first meet at The Baths of Nis in Nis Palace. Both were acquaintances at that time. After several meet and greets they became best friends for life. This happens still today. One day at a concert, it was a tag team competition. Alexis was paired with Nikki and both looked at each other and smiled truthfully. They both put on an amazing show together and hope to compete even more. Also one day, Alexis and a girl were hanging out and Nikki ran int to them. She actually hugged Alexis making her feel an awkward mix of proud and uncomfortable (Mostly proud).

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