Alex The Hedgehog' is one of the main characters in the Fanfiction Sonic Tomorrow and he is the son of Sonic the Hedgehog and Amy Rose.


Alex was born as the youngest of three siblings his oldest kid Manic and the second oldest his sister Sonia. Growing up both of his siblings had super speed well he had super speed it was not as fast but he was the most acrobatic of his family. At age 16 like all his siblings had to fight their father and win to start their career as adventures on their own and join Future Team Fighters. On the day he went to town and changed his old look to his current look well having his quills cut shorter then Amy's at that age then he found a bird which had a wishing gems and he wished he had the powers of his mom to help him beat his father and he was enhanced. Marian Roobtnick later sent a robot after them that caught them both and took them to her eggcarrier but they escaped and with the help of Team Dark destroyed Marian's base. Later after a long fight he defeated his father and earned his up most respect then he joined Team Fighters along with friends Tomos The Seedrian, Tark The Echidna, and Mary Mongoose.


Alex is not as buff as Tark The Echidna but Buffer then Tomos The Seedrian and Mary Mongoose Alex is wearing a red shirt, white paints, white bandages on his wrists, feet and ankles, and Red shoes with white soles and toes, gray straps and white plate with two yellow buttons on top.


Alex is described as smart and confident. He is a part of a team alongside Mary, Tomos, and Tark. His agility and knowledge on archaeology has proved to help the team many times. Alex has a crush on Mary Mongoose who all so has feelings for him but both to scared of rejection from the other.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Alex is physically the strongest of his siblings and second strongest on Team Fighters behind Tark. He is able to lift heavy objects as well as destroy barriers of various materials. He is skilled in martial arts, which he uses for offensive and defensive measures, and Alex possesses a high level of acrobatic skills, capable of landing safely after falling from great heights where Mary, Tomos, and Tark failed to. He does not have Sonic's level of speed or his siblings, but is able to use the "Tornado Move", where he has the ability to spin in a cyclonic manner. He has shown to have a knack for espionage, sneaking and computer hacking. He also has a photographic memory.


Piko Piko HammerEdit

Alex's main method of offense is his Piko Piko Hammer. It is a very large magical hammer capable of delivering extremely strong blows - its strength was even enough to stand up to Metal sonic's claws. Over time, Alex has become extremely skilled with his hammer and uses it for defense as well as offense, as he was able to use it to disperse flames by one of Adam's robots. Alex can summon his hammer by wishing for it, as he absorbed one of the wishing and, thus, its power. The extent of his wish-granting power, however, is unknown. Like Mary and his father, he is also capable of spinning at super speed and generating a small tornado, although his inexperience with the technique early on left him with motion sickness. Alex uses his Piko Piko Hammer's durability to his advantage, either swinging his hammer into the opponent and knocking the opponent a great distance away through midair, or bringing the entirety of his hammer's weight down on the opponent in a downward swing, crushing his opponents with devastating force. When launching more offensive or effective moves, Alex will swirl around with his Piko Piko Hammer, turning himself into a spinning top that mows down everything he comes into contact with or even stir up whirlwinds and shock waves to send opponents flying, though such maneuvers can leave him dizzy.

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